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          WEC Energy Group
          Scott J. Lauber

          Scott J. Lauber

          Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
          Office of the Chair

          Scott Lauber was named senior executive vice president, chief financial officer and treasurer for WEC Energy group and appointed to the Office of the Chair, effective Feb. 1, 2019.

          Previously, Lauber served as executive vice president and chief financial officer for WEC Energy Group since April 2016, and added the responsibility of treasurer in October 2018.

          In this role, Lauber has overall responsibility for the company’s strategic and long-range financial planning functions, forecasting and managing the utilities’ revenue requirements, and overseeing the treasury, accounting, tax, insurance and risk management functions.

          Lauber joined Wisconsin Energy Corporation in 1990 and held positions of increasing responsibility, including financial manager – distribution operations, and manager – corporate accounting and budgeting. In 2003, he was appointed controller – delivery business. In 2011, he was appointed assistant treasurer. He was appointed vice president and treasurer for Wisconsin Energy and its utility subsidiary, We Energies, in February 2013. He was appointed vice president and treasurer for WEC Energy Group when the company was formed in June 2015.

          Previously, Lauber was a staff accountant in Arthur Andersen’s Milwaukee office.

          Lauber graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting. He also is a certified public accountant.