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          WEC Energy Group
          Brian Dobberke

          Brian Dobberke

          Senior Vice President – Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness
          Compliance Officer

          Brian Dobberke was named senior vice president – human resources and organizational effectiveness, as well as compliance officer, in March 2018. In these roles, he has responsibility for human resources and organizational effectiveness, administrative services, ethics and compliance, and business continuity.

          Dobberke previously was vice president – Wisconsin field operations since June 2015. Prior to that, he served as director – customer field operations for We Energies since 2008, responsible for the design and construction of new services, facility relocations, and system maintenance of both electric and natural gas distribution systems.

          Since joining the company in 1987 as a customer service representative, Dobberke has held several positions of increasing responsibility, including supervisor – customer services, supervisor – operations, and director – system operations.

          Prior to joining We Energies, Dobberke worked for Prudential Insurance, Dobberke Acres (a family dairy farm) and Bergstrom Motors.

          Dobberke received his undergraduate degree in economics from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, and holds an Executive Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

          He is a member of the Midwest Energy Association and Association of Edison Illuminating Companies, Operations Sub-committee. He currently co-sponsors the We Energies Management Development Network and is a past co-chair for the Wisconsin Energy Workforce Consortium.